Darwinian Diva Podcast

Meet the Team!

Viviana Weekes-Shackelford, Phd

Host of Darwinian Diva Podcast

Viviana is a faculty member at Oakland University in the Department of Psychology. It is her hope that the Darwinian Diva Podcast will reinvigorate the science community and inspire newcomers to join her in an exploration of what science brings to the table. Viviana enjoys hanging out with her family, inventing projects around the house, and catching her breath every once and a while.

Zach Sundin

Executive producer

Zach is an aspiring medical student currently finishing his Master’s Degree in evolutionary psychology in the Shackelford Lab at Oakland University. As the executive producer and audio engineer of the Darwinian Diva podcast, Zach’s role is to operate the controls for each pod, as well as design and structure the interviews and content produced. With a passion for education, research, and increasing accessibility to science, the Darwinian Diva podcast has been a wonderful addition to his other projects. Zach currently works as a graduate researcher studying romantic relationships, and as a statistical consultant for the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine. Zach enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing drums in his band, and playing basketball in his spare time.

Hamouda M. Khair Aboushaar

Video & digital producer; marketing consultant

Hamouda M.K. Aboushaar attends Oakland University as a psychology major with an emphasis in evolutionary science. He is a Research Assistant of the intimate and romantic relationship research at OU. Hamouda has a passion for evolutionary psychology, research, science, mental health and women’s issues, clinical and political science, technology, and human rights. He hopes to be a psychiatrist in future. Darwinian Diva’s podcast helps him to be exposed to different area of science and human nature.

Anna Szala

Scene & content editor

Anna Szala is a Ph.D. student at Oakland University in the Evolutionary Psychology Lab. She loves science, technology, and nature. After hours, Anna enjoys hiking, biking, and video games. https://szala.org/