My research over the years has been evolutionarily inspired and has had the broader goal of gaining a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of within-family violence/conflict and parental and sexual psychology.

My research interests and record cut across the psychological domains of development, social, personality, clinical, health, and criminology.

The effects of children on parental mating psychology: One emphasis of this line of research is on examining how sexual psychology changes after becoming a parent.

Human mating development and behavior:  An overarching goal of this line of research is to identify areas of conflict and cooperation between men and women involved in romantic relationships

Filicide (child-killing), filicide-suicide, and parental psychology:  A key goal of this new line of research is to identify with greater precision the predictors of filicide (and filicide-suicide and thereby provide social workers and others in the helping professions with the tools to reduce the likelihood of these crimes.

Non-lethal conflict in parent-child relationships: A key objective of this research is to develop a parent-child conflict inventory to better understand conflict in parent-child relationships. This inventory will be useful as a context-specific and relationship- specific assessment of non-lethal conflict between children and parents.